Cafaro Retooling Vacant Anchor Spaces

Cafaro Co.’s longevity (70 years as a shopping center developer and owner), the long-term business relationships established over six decades and the leasing team’s tenacity and execution are the reasons for the success Cafaro has achieved recently in re-developing vacant

How Gen Z is Shaping the Future of Atlanta Retail

Throughout history, new generations have come along with fresh attitudes and expectations that differ from those of previous generations. By taking a deeper dive into the demographics and psychographics of Generation Z, retailers can alter the way they utilize their

Winning Big with Competitive Socializing

From axe throwing and bowling to gaming lounges and escape rooms, entertainment users that feature competitive activities are rapidly expanding into traditional retail centers. A recent study by JLL coined the term “competitive socializing” to describe this class of  new

The Restaurant Delivery Drive

Delivery and carry-out is changing the restaurant industry. Like the rest of retail, consumer trends and digital are driving change. New trends are sweeping across the industry from hyper local sourcing to fine casual dining. None, however, has been as

Top Five Retail Tenant Lease Protections

— By Bob Kane, director with Franklin Street — In the 15 years I have represented national, regional and local retail and restaurant groups expanding throughout Georgia and Alabama, I have gained valuable insights into important deal terms that are often

Rumors of the Retail Apocalypse are Greatly Exaggerated

— By Greg Miller, Chief Executive Officer and President of Henry S. Miller Cos. — The retail market, both online and in physical stores, is evolving dramatically due in large part to Amazon’s continuing domination of online sales — i.e.

The American Strip Mall…Reimagined for the 21st Century

— By Sheldon Gross, president and CEO of Sheldon Gross Realty — The future of retail-focused real estate is a hot topic, and has been for quite a while. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the proliferation of big-box

How To Secure Financing For Retail In Today’s Climate

— By Gary E. Mozer, Principal/Co-Founder, George Smith Partners — Retail financing, both debt and equity, has become a challenge for many owners, developers and investors throughout the U.S. based on negative press about retail, a perception that the internet

Understanding Placemaking: Nine Principles to Live By

— By Luanne Carleton, FRCH Design Worldwide — Jan Gehl states: “First life, then spaces, then buildings — the other way around never works.” Placemaking is about creating a space for human experiences. In the simplest form Placemaking is about transforming