Bialow: Retailers Want to Be in Shopping Centers if Landlords Can Provide a Welcoming Space

by SCB Staff

Corey Bialow, CEO of Bialow Real Estate, is extremely optimistic about this next phase of retail. As a tenant representative, he has seen this sentiment shared throughout industry events like RECon, and among his clients.

There are plenty of tenants looking for shopping center space, Bialow contends — ­though there is a caveat. These tenants are looking for high-quality, welcoming spaces in today’s top centers. This places the onus on landlords to ensure their spaces remain competitive with the rest of the market.

Having worked with digitally native brands for quite some time, Bialow is well aware of the value these tenants can bring to a center when there is a meeting of the minds. This happens, he notes, when landlords not only appreciate these tenants’ value, but understand a brand’s specific goal.

A retailer’s objectives for opening a brick-and-mortar space can range from education to sales or building awareness and connection with consumers.

Watch the interview to hear more of Bialow’s thoughts on today’s retail environment and how it will be impacted by digitally native brands.


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