Broad Reach: Revitalizing Shopping Centers, Strategies for Addressing Retail Trends

by Sarah Daniels

At the ICSC LAS VEGAS 2024 conference, Nellie Day from Retail Insight spoke with Nate Tower, president and founder of Broad Reach Retail Partners, to explore the evolving landscape of retail and upcoming trends in the space. Broad Reach Retail Partners focuses on revitalizing underperforming shopping centers via a holistic, full-cycle approach that considers leasing, management, construction and acquisition.

Tower emphasizes the importance of assessing a matrix of key performance indicators (KPIs) — including capital requirements, tenant mix and market demographics — to develop and execute effective business plans for each property.

In discussing overarching trends, Tower notes a significant shift towards discount and necessity-based retail in many of the centers where Broad Reach is involved.

The conversation also touches on the current state of the retail real estate market, marked by financial challenges and limited opportunities. With high debt expenses and fewer lucrative deals, Tower advises potential buyers to remain disciplined and methodical. He highlights the importance of finding non-traditional lenders willing to finance deals in this tough environment.

Tower’s key advice for buyers navigating this landscape is to stay adaptable and patient. While the current market may not present immediate opportunities, the cyclical nature of the industry promises future prospects. Buyers should be prepared to scale back their acquisition targets and maintain a strategic, long-term perspective.

Watch the video to learn more about the strategies and approaches Broad Reach is using to revitalize shopping centers and stay on top of emerging trends.

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