Faris Lee: Retail is ‘Running on All Cylinders’ As the Fed Holds Rates Steady

by SCB Staff


It’s been a rollercoaster ride for retail, but Rick Chichester, president and CEO of Faris Lee, believes it’s smooth sailing ahead through at least the remainder of 2019, if not longer.

This sense of security is largely due to the Fed’s decision to hold interest rates steady after the market reacted negatively to the four increases in 2018. This clarity has also brought renewed optimism and elevated consumer confidence to the market, something Chichester wouldn’t have predicted as little as five months ago.

All of this information has given investors the ability to price their risk and adjust their risk profiles. Many are doing just that, as the expectations of sellers and buyers are beginning to align. Chichester notes, however, that optimism and confidence do not automatically equate to success in the current retail environment. Rather, he believes the pool of buyers has shrunk as investors adjust for risk, with many moving out of this market if it isn’t their core competency.

Watch the interview to hear more about Chichester’s predictions for retail investors in 2019 and beyond.


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