Moreno Valley: Residential Growth, Retail Concierge Services Encourage Robust Expansion

by Sarah Daniels

The retail growth of the City of Moreno Valley, in Southern California’s Inland Empire submarket, has been fueled by jobs and residential development in the area. One of the fastest growing cities in Southern California, Moreno Valley’s population has increased by 3.3 percent over last year, in part because of companies moving into the area, which is already home to two electric vehicle manufacturers alongside ALDI, SKECHERS, Amazon and more. Nearby State Route 60 and Interstate 215 consistently advertise Moreno Valley to the 56.2 million people who pass through the area by car each year.

Moreno Valley is determined to grow more and to encourage new businesses that cater to its residents. A concierge service assists “new businesses from entitlement through permitting and inspections, all the way to opening. The concierge is supported by our development team, made up of members of public works, land development, building and safety, planning and fire. They’re all working in a concerted effort to get businesses open and operating as quickly as possible,” explains Melissa McClain, who promotes economic development for the City of Moreno Valley.

In concert with the city’s streamlining efforts, Moreno Valley offers a host of benefits for local businesses to further support growth. These inducements include electric utility discounts, incentives for hiring local graduates and veterans, plus access to the Moreno Valley Business and Employment Resource Center, which offers “a vast array of services that might be useful to any business owner,” says McClain. “These offerings include workforce recruitments, job postings, business consulting, workshops, trainings — all sorts of different services. And that’s all free of charge to Moreno Valley businesses.”

Watch the video to learn more about Moreno Valley’s approach to long-term growth and the additional retail it hopes to attract. 

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