Outlook Management Group Partners with Local Businesses to Donate Meals to Families in Need in Milwaukee

by Alex Tostado

Milwaukee — Outlook Management Group LLC’s president Ray Balfanz has partnered with Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee and other local small businesses to donate food to Milwaukee residents in need. Balfanz created the CollectionConnection to raise money for meals. The six-week fundraiser will end Dec. 31. As of Dec. 11, $2,225 had been raised, which means meals plus one holiday meal for 20 families for one week have been donated through the program. Balfanz is teaming with Wisconsin-based companies such as Pinnacle Construction, LLJ Ventures and Wisconsin Mall Properties. Balfanz says that in 2021, he plans to elongate the fundraiser to 10 weeks.

“I can’t think of a better way to make good use of our business connections,” says Balfanz.

Donors can support the fundraiser by contributing money or buying food directly through Outlook Management Group’s website at www.outlookmgmt.com.

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