Freedom Financial Funds: Research Markets and Deals Extensively to Develop Creative Financing Options

by Sarah Daniels

If the conventional wisdom is that the worst loans are made in the best of times, then a return to fundamentals and positive risk/return dynamics seems likely in the near future, according to Michael Klein, founding principal and CEO of Freedom Financial Funds.

Today’s market is not unprecedented, says Klein. “It is a moment that we’ve lived through in the past, where buyers and sellers are just not on the same page.” Currently, the rising cost of capital means a lack of transactions, but Klein notes that historical trends indicate activity will pick up, especially as sellers with looming debt and maturities may soon be forced to act. 

In-depth market research and meticulous planning prepare the way for solid loan transactions once buyers and sellers agree on terms.

The team at Freedom Financial Funds has closed more than 400 loans of over $2 billion — and not foreclosed on a single property. To support strong loans, Klein’s company continues its policy of developing multiple, alternate strategies for financing success, including taking the need for Plans B and C seriously.  Deep knowledge of the market and local influences further guide how the company approaches each unique loan. 

Watch the video for further information on the impact of the cost of capital and the factors needed to foster deals going forward.

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