Digital Brands Retailer to Open 7,000-Square-Foot Store at Fashion District Philadelphia

by Alex Tostado

Philadelphia — Anchor Shops, a retail store and distribution network for digital brands breaking into brick-and-mortar, will open a store at Fashion District Philadelphia and a distribution center at Moorestown Mall in the second quarter of 2020. Both properties are owned by PREIT. Anchor Shops, a project of ShopFulfill, was conceived to help digitally native brands better compete with legacy retailers by providing online retailers with a turnkey solution that enables them to establish a brick-and-mortar presence and benefit from a low-cost regional distribution network. Depending on the size and type of space required, brands will have the option to join Anchor Shops and its national distribution network starting at $600 per month. Anchor Shops will span 7,000 square feet while the fulfillment center will occupy 30,000 square feet. PREIT opened Fashion District Philadelphia in September.

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