Faris Lee and MTN Retail Advisors logos

Faris Lee, MTN Retail Advisors Enter into Partnership

by Alex Tostado

Irvine, Calif. and Salt Lake City — Faris Lee Investments and MTN Retail Advisors, a grocer-specialized data collection and analytics provider, have entered into a partnership to combine Faris Lee’s retail, real estate, finance and investment advisory services with MTN’s proprietary technology, which includes artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning. MTN currently has data on 28,000 active grocers across the United States and expects that number to grow to 40,000 over the next 18 months. The partnership between Irvine-based Faris Lee Investments and Salt Lake City-based MTN Retail Advisors will also extend to the broad-reaching network of X Team Retail Advisors, which includes 350 professionals in 40 markets nationwide.

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