Real Estate Veterans Form X-T5 Property Consultants, Ltd.

by Nate Hunter

Shanghai, China — Firm will offer Western perspectives on mixed-use, shopping center and big box retail growth and development in China.

Shanghai, China  — With a combined 80 years of experience in shopping center development, leasing, management and retail, Ted deSwart and Norman Krone have created X-T5 Property Consultants, Ltd., in Shanghai.
“[X-T5] is primarily working on development,” says Krone, chairman of X-T5. “We will be consulting with private and corporate developers, as well as public companies and government entities. On the retailer side, we have a desire to work with big box department stores.”
Krone has recently relocated to Florida to coordinate efforts from the United States side of the business.
“A number of companies have attempted to go to China and provide similar services but have not brought in people with extensive experience in China,” Krone says. “My partner has lived there for 15 years and I lived there for 3.5 years. There is a need for Western viewpoints on mixed-use and shopping center developments. Our efforts are to position ourselves to provide that guidance.

Savannah Duncan

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