Virtual Grocery Shopping at a Chicago L Station

by Nate Hunter

CHICAGO — Internet grocer Peapod launches a pilot program for busy commuters.

CHICAGO  — Commuters en route through the busy State and Lake Station Tunnel can now use their iPhones, iPads or Androids to shop for groceries.

Peapod, an Internet grocer, has expanded a pilot ad campaign from Philadelphia to Chicago that allows passersby to scan items off life-size posters of grocery aisles. Once a new user has registered at Peapod’s Web site, a quick scan of a QR code schedules items such as detergent, condiments, fresh produce, wine and beer to be delivered to home or office for next-day delivery.

Orders can also be scheduled weeks in advance. There are several Internet grocers. Peapod is the first to pilot this on-the-go, virtual store concept.

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