"Inside the Restructuring of a Retailer" webinar panel

Webinar: Inside the Restructuring of a Retailer

by Sarah Daniels

The Feb. 27 Shopping Center Business webinar Inside the Restructuring of a Retailer” detailed early warning signs for retailers in distress, as well as decision-making processes and strategies to restructure inside or outside of Chapter 11. What is needed for a successful restructuring? What kind of roles do firms retained in bankruptcy cases play in arranging prep work, navigating competing stakeholder agendas and arranging critical payment dates and short-term liquidity management?

Learn more from this brief one-hour discussion that covers both the headlines and the behind-the-scenes process of restructuring for retailers. Register here to listen to the webinar and learn from industry experts.

Major topics covered:

  • Market overview and early warning signs for retail sectors
  • Inside a retailer’s restructuring
    • Competing agendas
    • Critical payment dates 
    • Short-term liquidity management  
  • Difficult decisions and stakeholders (including bondholders; term lenders; asset-based lenders; the company board, C-suite and employees; unsecured creditors, which includes vendors and landlords)
  • Condensed timeframes and the company’s decision-making process
  • Restructuring inside or outside of Chapter 11
  • Behind-the-scenes approaches to
    • Workstreams
    • Priorities and planning
    • Settlement negotiations
    • Managing information flow to various committees
    • Liquidity management reports and advice
  • How can retailers successfully transition out of Chapter 11?


  • Dana Telsey, Telsey Advisory Group (moderator)
  • Christian Tempke, Lazard
  • Andrew Graiser, A&G Real Estate Partners
  • Jon Goulding, Alvarez & Marsal North America
  • Emily Geier, Kirkland & Ellis

Webinar sponsor: This webinar is sponsored by A&G Real Estate Partners​​, a real estate advisory firm specializing in lease optimization and real estate sales.

Listen to hear more about retailers in distress and the process of successful restructuring.

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