Webinar: Will Southeast Retail Investment Activity Bounce Back in 2021?

Shopping Center Business and Southeast Real Estate Business hosted “Southeast Retail Investment Outlook — Will Retail Investment Activity Bounce Back in 2021?” A panel of retail experts covered topics like the lending atmosphere, impacts of e-commerce and tenant types likely to expand or contract.

Webinar: Driving Retail Income Through Specialty Leasing & Ancillary Revenue

On October 15 Ancillary Retail hosted a webinar titled “Driving Income Through Specialty Leasing and Ancillary Revenue.” Webinar panelists shared how important it is to quickly shift strategy, not just in relation to COVID-19, but everywhere that customers and retailers are already adapting


Webinar: California Retail Reboot

On May 21, Shopping Center Business, Western Real Estate Business and California Centers magazines hosted “California Retail Reboot: How Will California’s Retail and Restaurant Sector Recover Post-Coronavirus?” Experts from California’s retail sector gathered to discuss the future of California retail and how to ensure the