July 22 Shopping Center Business and Southeast Real Estate Business Webinar

Webinar: South Florida Retail Outlook: What is the Impact of COVID-19 on South Florida’s Retail Sector?

by Sarah Daniels


Last week, Shopping Center Business and Southeast Real Estate Business hosted “South Florida Retail Outlook: What is the Impact of COVID-19 on South Florida’s Retail Sector?” Listen as a panel of retail experts discusses their gameplans: how they are working with tenants and their employees as the industry seeks to adapt. Hear about attitudes towards loans, rent reductions, property value, next steps and more.

See a list of some topics covered and their timestamps below:

(07:00): How are restaurants and experiential tenants faring?

(09:29) Adapting for the challenges of COVID-19

(17:28) Retail rent trends over the next 180 days?

(24:32) What can owners do today to position themselves to succeed?

(36:00) When might we start to see real loan defaults and real distressed assets?

(42:55) Lessons learned from 2007-2008 financial crisis

(53:56) Decisions made in the pre-COVID-19 world that have carried over well into our current environment

Click here to access the complimentary webinar recording. Hear how South Florida retail professionals are approaching industry challenges and evolving to meet the needs of retailers.


  • Philip Rosen, Becker (moderator)
  • Adam Tiktin, Tiktin Real Estate Investment Services
  • Rod Castan, Courtelis Company
  • Lyle Stern, Koniver Stern Group
  • Duane Stiller, Woolbright Development

Webinar sponsors:

Courtelis Company: Since 1963, Courtelis Company has been developing, leasing and managing special places throughout Florida. Their experience ranges from creating one of the country’s first outdoor lifestyle centers at The Falls to developing to developing neighborhood shopping centers for major tenants such as Publix, Wal-Mart, Sweetbay and Winn Dixie to creating major subdivisions such as Turtle Run and Skylake. They are headquartered in Miami, with offices in Naples and existing properties throughout Florida.

Tiktin Real Estate has been serving their clients at the highest levels of professionalism ever since they were founded in 2001. They passionately exceed the expectations of commercial property owners by adding value every step of the way in order to protect and grow their clients’ equity within their real estate investments.

Becker: Founded in 1973, Becker’s attorneys have always been pioneers, boldly breaking new ground and taking unconventional approaches to tough legal challenges. Today their attorneys have tremendous expertise and depth of strength in their core practice areas. At the heart of everything they say and do is their relentless commitment to serving clients in the best way possible.

Koniver Stern Group: Working together with their clients, Koniver Stern Group has built an impressive track record of delivering new retail tenants, negotiating favorable terms and fostering relationships that last longer than any lease.

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