XTeam: Technology is an Essential Tool in Retail, But Local Knowledge is Everything

by SCB Staff

Technology is omnipresent in nearly every aspect of our daily lives — and it is changing rapidly, but retail real estate players don’t have to reinvent the wheel to keep up with the latest and greatest.

Bryan Cornelius, president of X Team and principal at Dallas/Fort Worth-based Venture Commercial, values the convenience, information and speed technology brings to his teams, but believes the secret sauce for a successful practice is local market knowledge.

X Team has built its streamlined platform on this notion and the group plans to continue integrating technology in a way that enhances said market knowledge for X Team advisors and their clients. Cornelius is particularly excited about geofencing and its ability to capture data about the comings and goings of individual shoppers.

The X Team network spans the nation and the team will continue to utilize local market knowledge to better serve clients and to study up-and-coming areas ripe for retail expansion.

Watch the interview to hear more of Cornelius’ thoughts on XTeam’s expansion plans.


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