Meijer Launches ‘Shop & Scan’ in Chicagoland Area

by Alex Tostado

Chicago — Meijer continues to roll out its “shop & scan” mobile shopping checkout program, announcing 23 stores in Chicago and northwest Indiana following success in Michigan test markets.

The technology is available through the Meijer mobile app. Users can scan bar codes on items as they shop. A running total of items is calculated and shoppers can scan their phones at a self-checkout lane to pay. The Meijer mobile app has been downloaded more than 1.1 million times since the pilot launch at 54 Michigan stores last year, according to Gerald Melville, regional vice president. More than 80 percent of Meijer customers have repeatedly used the app. Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Meijer will continue to roll out the program at stores throughout 2019. The grocer operates more than 240 stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

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