Tech Can Be a Shopping Center’s Best Friend

by SCB Staff

Technology can be one of the best tools shopping center owners have at their disposal, says Sandy Sigal, president and CEO of NewMark Merrill Companies. From combating long checkout lines to helping customers locate stores and parking spaces, technology has a huge convenience factor for patrons.

It also has a huge convenience factor for owners, as they’re able to collect data from shoppers and event attendees.

This data can be harnessed to determine when people shop, where people shop and even to increase tenant success by improving elements of the shopping experience, such as customer service.

Social media and sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor also give owners vast insight into the minds of their customers. Excellent food, clean bathrooms, poor service, and short checkout lines are just a sample of the comments many retailers and centers can receive on a daily basis when they’re utilizing social analysis tools. As the brick and mortar retail world continues to fight for space with the online shopping sector, Sigal believes technology can help personalize the shopping experience, which is key to keeping customers in the center.

Click the video above for more from Sigal.


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