The City of Moreno Valley is located in Southern California in the Inland Empire, one of the fastest growing regions in the United States. The residence of over 217,000 people and growing by 3.5 percent every year, the city is home to both Fortune 500 and international companies. With 4,500 businesses in Moreno Valley, the city is courting restaurant and hospitality companies, as well as using its unique incentive programs to further encourage growth.​

The City of Moreno Valley knows that time is money, so their business concierge service helps prepare, guide and incentivize companies in the area.

To encourage reinvestment into the community, the City of Moreno Valley is connecting local job seekers with employers. Businesses that hire Moreno Valley residents are eligible for discounted utilities, and the Employment Resource Center allows employers to connect with potential employees via workforce recruitment, job trainings, business consulting opportunities and more.

Watch the video to hear about the way Moreno Valley is fostering growth and connecting employers with resources.

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