Pylot™: Digital Platform Streamlines Commercial Real Estate Marketing

by Sarah Daniels

Commercial real estate retail marketers today must navigate an increasingly complex marketing landscape. How can they identify the right tools and technologies necessary to scale their marketing presence efficiently across locations?

Many people talk a good game about the benefits of integrated marketing technology ecosystems. When done right, the approach can improve operating efficiencies, enhance the customer experience, strengthen tenant relationships and potentially raise the value of properties.

But when the rubber meets the road, implementing the right commercial real estate digital marketing strategy and technologies to achieve these goals is no easy task. Commercial real estate marketers need to not only identify the right tools and channels but also ensure that they work together to deliver a seamless customer experience and provide easy-to-access, data-driven insights gathered across all touch points to drive results.

“We’re at a point in time where people are really evaluating their digital footprint,” says Angela Sweeney, Executive Director of Pylot™, powered by Imaginuity®.

“They are asking, ‘What tools do I really need? How am I getting the most out of them? And how can I combine some of these [programs] into one tool that helps me do most of what I need to accomplish?'”

Retail CRE marketers need to be responsive, and that means less time managing different resources and the ability to work more efficiently through a single system.

Watch the video to hear how Pylot™ is streamlining and improving CRE marketing ecosystems.

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