Owners Must Keep Up with Consumer Demand, or Risk Falling Behind in a Changing Market

by Katie Sloan

Todd Siegel, vice president of commercial investments at Passco, doesn’t believe you have to be on the cutting edge of every retail trend to be successful nowadays.

He does, however, believe owners need to remain intimately involved with their shoppers. This is particularly true in today’s changing retail landscape where consumer tastes are always evolving and what works for one generation of shopper may not work for another.

Rather than target Millennials, for example, Siegel suggests taking a broader approach to consumers and their buying habits. That starts with making sure your tenant roster caters to their needs, and that each individual tenant remains fresh and up to date, both in terms of their store and their merchandise.

Click the video for tips from Siegel on how owners can best position themselves in this new era of retail.

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