Rumors of the Retail Apocalypse are Greatly Exaggerated

— By Greg Miller, Chief Executive Officer and President of Henry S. Miller Cos. — The retail market, both online and in physical stores, is evolving dramatically due in large part to Amazon’s continuing domination of online sales — i.e.

The American Strip Mall…Reimagined for the 21st Century

— By Sheldon Gross, president and CEO of Sheldon Gross Realty — The future of retail-focused real estate is a hot topic, and has been for quite a while. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the proliferation of big-box

How To Secure Financing For Retail In Today’s Climate

— By Gary E. Mozer, Principal/Co-Founder, George Smith Partners — Retail financing, both debt and equity, has become a challenge for many owners, developers and investors throughout the U.S. based on negative press about retail, a perception that the internet

Understanding Placemaking: Nine Principles to Live By

— By Luanne Carleton, FRCH Design Worldwide — Jan Gehl states: “First life, then spaces, then buildings — the other way around never works.” Placemaking is about creating a space for human experiences. In the simplest form Placemaking is about transforming

Are Public Spaces the New Anchor Tenant in Retail?

By J. Wickham Zimmerman, Chief Executive Officer, Outside the Lines Inc. A new trend is emerging in retail destinations in response to evolving customer expectations: more public spaces. In these spaces, today’s best designers, developers and owners are incorporating immersive experiences

Leveraging Scent to Create the Ultimate Retail Experience

By Chris Karl, design specialist for Ambius With e-commerce continuing to eat away at brick-and-mortar retailers’ business, stores need to find new ways to create meaningful experiences shoppers can’t get online. Retailers that are slow to adapt to this trend

Namaste – Ensuring a Yoga Studio Lease Vinyasa Flows

Yoga studios, like other non-traditional use spaces, can have a positive impact for a center. A popular studio can bring not only revenue from the lease itself, but also increased foot traffic to a center at specific times during the

Retail Real Estate Has a PR Problem

ICSC’s annual RECon Convention in Las Vegas is a great opportunity to get a pulse of the industry. Each May, the trends and themes expressed at RECon are a great way to get a snapshot of the retail and mixed-use