Charleston Town Center Undergoes Major Renovation

by Nate Hunter

Charleston, W.Va. — The $7 million renovation took six months to complete.

Charleston, W.Va.  — The approximately 930,000-square-foot Charleston Town Center in downtown Charleston has completed a six month, $7 million renovation to the property’s interior. This was the first major renovation since the center, which is owned by Forest City Enterprises, opened 29 years ago. Construction began in June and was complete the first week of December in time for holiday shopping.

Paulette Caputo, vice president of retail marketing at Forest City Enterprises, says the center is a gathering point for families and the company wanted to enhance that.

“It really is the town center for the area,” she says. “A lot of people grew up there, raised their families there and they come back for the entertainment and the gathering.”

The brick flooring on all three levels of the center was replaced with ceramic tile or carpeting, and the center court of the property now features a new fountain. Most of the renovations took place at night to allow retailers to stay open for business throughout the day.

Other improvements include an added technology bar with upgraded Wi-Fi, improved signage and new lighting, as well as a warmer, more inviting color palette throughout the property. The company also added a new family restroom, in addition to a PlayScape area for children that was sponsored by the Charleston Area Medical Center.

Forest City Enterprises is still finalizing plans for Phase II of the renovations, which will focus on the exterior of the property and be more cosmetic.

Caputo says, “One of the main reasons Forest City undertook this redevelopment is that Charleston Town Center is very important to the company. It’s one of our core assets and we’re been able to enhance the shopper’s experience through this renovation.”

The company will celebrate each month during 2013 with various activities and giveaways for customers, leading up to the center’s 30th anniversary in October.

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